Cause of War


This way. No this way.

We made a big decision this week, where we had to chose between two options.

We recently signed a contract with a publisher. With who is to be released later on. Anyway, this gave us some more time to work on the project, so we decided to add some new features to the game, and there are some things we want to add. We could all agree that there was 3 different things we wanted to add most of all;

1. A campaign
2. Tanks!
3. Making it possible to enter buildings

Which of those things to add? A campaign would be a great way to introduce players to the game system. Tanks would add a new level to the gameplay AND they are awsome. Making it possible to enter buildings is... something one could almost demand from a combat game of today's standard. But we finally, after several long discussions, settled for two of these options; campaign and buildings. As recently mentioned, the campaign would be a great introduction for players to the game, but also offer a piece of narrative, which many players like. The campaign wont be very complex. A set off different scenarios which the player has to fight its way through, getting to chose from new squads to be able to deploy during the process. Making it possible to enter buildings is not only something that players expect, it would also make the maps more interesting and some make some weapons filling its purpose better (like grenades and rocket weapons).

That tanks didn't make it into the game is a little sad. But on the other hand, it would make it a whole other game. Currently the game is focused on skirmish tactics, and tanks would shake the balance quite a bit (much), as they cannot be damaged by all weapons. We did not want to try to add them by force into the game system, making them not fit in in the concept where all squads should be able to beat any other squad if used correctly, we do not which a rock-scissor-paper system through force building, but through tactics. If we are to add tanks, we want to do it with finesse, really work it through designwise. It is not unlikely though that if Cause of War goes well, that we'll release an expansion pack with tanks. Time will tell.


We've worked out a new logo for CoW, a one that has a more WWII feel then the previous one (which we made while CoW was a sci-fi game and then just changed the colours on). Feel free to download and use as desktop background ^^

We also have changed skin on our forum ( or link in top menu), making it fit our game much more. We're planning to next week get some changes around there to make it more habitable, and after that we would love some more activity there!

Take care everyone, and check in for new reports soon (I'm planning to post news here more often from now on)

/Rasmus Davidsson, Game Designer ZEAL

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