Cause of War


Textures and shaders and ambient occlusions and…

Well. There has been a real face lift when it comes to the ingame graphics of the game lately. It's been some work to get it done, but the good devotion in the team made it less painful. We've added a touch of more colour to the game and increased the contrasts in the textures to make it me lively. Also we have added a new shader that is supposed to do some ambient shadows, creating contact shadows between meshes and the ground. Exactly how it works I do not know, but it makes things prettier, though we still might have to polish it a bit to make it more distinct.

Also we've started to get the sounds for the game ready for implementation. And as soon as that is done and we have made a fully functional launcher/patcher application we should be able to launch our very first beta! After that there is only bug fixing, balance testing (with a little outside help we hope) and getting the game ready for release and then we're there.

Volksgrenadiers prepared for an enemy assault.

Stealthed commandos being ambushed as they try stealing a Control Point.

Airborne to the rescue!

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