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Let the liberation begin!

Since we decided last week to finally include a campaign in CoW, we have now started to develop this campaign. It will take place in Italy, since the Italian campaign has been the base of the setting ever since we made CoW a WWII era game. There will be two different campaign available in the original release (is what we are planning), both about breaking the German fortified Winter line. In one you play as a division of the US 5th Army, and in the other as the British 8th. Which division you play as will not be determined as you can create your own division to play with, allowing you to create your favourite original division or create  your own one. Some of the most known divisions will be pre-made and available. Campaigns will include missions such as the landings in Anzio and the assaults on Monte Cassino and more.

Italian Costline

Enjoy. A very first version of an Italian coastal assault map ;P

/Rasmus Davidsson

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