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This week is GAMEX at Kistamässan in Stockholm. We are going there to exhibit CoW.

For those who's not from Sweden (and for many of us in Sweden too) GAMEX is new game expo where a lot of game developers will come to exhibit their game's, including the big guys such as blizzard, EA and Ubsisoft, but also the neater developers such as... us (and more)! We do not know much about exactly where we will be standing etc, but if you find yourself in the vicinity of our capitol, please step by and look for us. More information is found here: (web page in Swedish, the English translation does not work for the gamex-page... also, there are other forums displaying the information about the expo much better, so feel free to google it if you want more information instead of visiting the link... geez).

Well, take care everyone! I'll report back when I'm back from Stockholm. Maybe during my visit there, but no promises.

/Rasmus D

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