Cause of War

Cause of War

Cause of War
As a new take on the classic TBT (turn-based tactics) games such as Jagged Alliance and Silent Storm, CoW focuses on advanced game mechanics and player customization. The game should be ready for release late 2010/early 2011

Cause of War is all about tactics. How you command your squads in combat is critical to archive victory, in both our singleplayer skirmish and multiplayer games. You are going to have to plan future moves, read your opponent, take the environment in account, exploit the enemy's weaknesses and counter its strengths to gain advantage on the field. A good decision may turn the tide of a battle, while a single mistake can cost the lives of many of your soldiers. A rock-scissor-paper relationships will not be present between squads and equipment, but between tactics. This to never give the pre-built forces bad or good match-ups in choices of customization.

Customization is an important part of the game. It provides variation to the gameplay and allows you to utilize your tactic of choice, whether it is aggressive flanking, lumbering head-on assaults, defensive positioning or sneaking around the back door. You can either create your own favourite company from WWII history or come up with your own ideas of a perfect task force.  Customization will be provided by a large arsenal of weapons, armours, equipment, grenades, special trainings and leadership.

Cause of War has a realistic, lethal combat system. However it is not a simulator, game play will always have priority when in conflict with the realism, but realism still was a major factor as the game was designed. For example, bullet penetration follows a complex system where weapons' loss of penetration over range, potential covers, concealing environment and soldiers' outfits are taken in account. All to create life like combat situations.

The game is turn-based. It is long since the world saw a good, turn-based tactical shooter, so we thought that it was about time someone made one. It is not a lost genre, only forgotten by developers. We believe that many players still like turn-based gaming, and the focus on tactics it provides. Thanks to the dynamic turn-based system that CoW uses, you won’t have so sit around for long times just waiting for other players to act. Instead, the order in which squads act varies along with the game, based on squads' leadership, morale and other circumstances.

We hope to create a very community driven game, where your and other players’ opinions of the game will be taken in great regard when developing and balancing it and for future projects. The game is, with its customization and large spectrum of tactics, made for discussion. We hope for you and other players to form your own strategies and debate about it with other players, and us, in our online community.

Since we call our creation a tactical and realistic game, the final goal won’t be to eliminate the enemy player. Few wars has been won by that. Instead, in both single- and multiplayer games, the game-play focuses on strategic points, which will be necessary to control in order to archive control of a region. Alternate victory condition for multiplayer games will be made possible, but area control will be the standard game mode and what the game will be balanced for. In the singleplayer campaign, you will fight for the control of the Italian main land. You make your way, battle by battle, capturing Italy's west coast as a part of the US 5th Army, experiencing this interesting part of World War II.

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  1. Wow this looks really cool, been waiting for a game like this. Hurry plz :P

  2. Looks niiiice! Let us see some gameplay video, it sounds like a very good idea for a game. :)

  3. Very nice to hear some comments!

    We’ll try to get a gameplay trailer up soon. We should have time for that now. We’ve just lowered the work pace somewhat since the we just hit a grand dead line with the Gotland Game Awards and an almost-alpha version of the game done :P

    Check in every now and then for updates! And have a great summer :)

  4. Looks fkin great, big fan so far!
    However, release date? :D

  5. Hello!

    Release date would somewhere around coming christmas +- a couple of months, hopefully we will get some betas up and running before that though ;)

  6. To avoid any confusion:
    Release date is not around the year end any longer, it will be during late spring/early summer.

  7. Looking forward to playing this game :-)
    When will the first beta be available? :D

  8. Nice to hear :)

    The beta is currently being tested in-house, and we will release it as soon as possible. Join our forums for more frequent news about the beta progress and for invitations.

  9. What are the target platforms?

  10. PC only for release :)

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