Cause of War


Imorting and exporting to ObJ in to blender

Importing and exporting OBJ will probably be used by all you out there using something more then blender in your pipeline.
And this tutorial is to ex-plane how to you make sure scaling stays the same!


First post for me and some info

Rikard here, working as the tools programmer in Zeal Studios.
I feel the urge to fill out the empty void of this development blog.

I just want to share some info about what I'm working on at the moment
and what I have done so far.

This is a commandline program used for packing assets together into one file.
Mainly we use this to skip opening all the files (which can stress the operating system and create slow-downs).

Since Cause Of War strongly emphasizes customability, we (and the players) will use this tool to create own teams with squads.
This tool is not finished yet, but I'm currently working on it as we speak (just needed a break).

The level-editor is used in-house (meaning it will not reach the public, not at first atleast).
Currently the team-builder is prioritized over the level-editor so it's not finished either.
Tho the work will continue as soon as I'm done with the team-builder.

I'll update with some pictures later on when stuff begins to come together.

Now we're of to work again...
// Rikard Jaksch


Blender exporting to DirectX .X tutorial

The Zeal studio brings you some solid blender exporting knowledge!



Heres a Screencap of one of our soldiers!