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Yep, It's March already which means that we should be done soon. Which we hopefully are. It's just a lot of work to be done with first.

The game is looking prettier then ever though. We've added some neat effects like rocket tracers and explosions and stuff that look much better. We've tracked down most of our game breaking bugs and we're working on getting our game to work with the installer/launcher/patcher that we have received from our publisher. There have been some new graphics for the Control Points that can be captured done which shall be added to the game any day now. There have been real time shadow's added and shaders have been polished, though they probably have to be polished again since we discovered that some of the lightning settings actually are set in the level files... which it should not!

My dear Rangers striking a severe counter attack versus the AI.

But we promise that we're working harder then ever and the game is really starting to be fun to play. The AI need some fixing since its a bit under aggressive at the moment, but the multiplayer is really dramatic and intense (which might sound odd for a turn based game). We started an inhouse tournament last Friday night and we had some really nice matches. I can confess that I were kicked out after my first game though versus our animator/particle effects/texture artist and his smoke grenades/sniper rifles combination. In my defence however, I can add that he is among those who has played the game in multiplayer most of us. I really long to get the game out so that you all can try it out!

Until next time


Yep, It's March already which means that we should be done soon. Which we hopefully are. It's just a lot of work to be done with first.
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Textures and shaders and ambient occlusions and…

Well. There has been a real face lift when it comes to the ingame graphics of the game lately. It's been some work to get it done, but the good devotion in the team made it less painful. We've added a touch of more colour to the game and increased the contrasts in the textures to make it me lively. Also we have added a new shader that is supposed to do some ambient shadows, creating contact shadows between meshes and the ground. Exactly how it works I do not know, but it makes things prettier, though we still might have to polish it a bit to make it more distinct.

Also we've started to get the sounds for the game ready for implementation. And as soon as that is done and we have made a fully functional launcher/patcher application we should be able to launch our very first beta! After that there is only bug fixing, balance testing (with a little outside help we hope) and getting the game ready for release and then we're there.

Volksgrenadiers prepared for an enemy assault.

Stealthed commandos being ambushed as they try stealing a Control Point.

Airborne to the rescue!

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The final three

We are planing to get the game done for April 1st (no, no joke). This is however NOT the release date, so don't get too excited, there are several other things that must be done before a release is possible. But anyhow, this means that it is less then 3 months lefts of our production. That's not much. Not much at all. During the time we will have to get the campaign (-s), balance and bug fixes done. We will do our best to succeed, this we promise you. And the work in making the game prettier has gone quite well, soon we will be ready for some serious ingame footage to post, along with the new commercial website. Below are some screens taken for texture studies (these are still not the final textures, we are working on contrasts, colour levels etc. to get it better).

When it comes to the beta, we will not release it until the graphics are fixed and some gameplay bugs has been eliminated, but it won't be very long until that is done now. We really look forward to people out there's reactions! Hope you will enjoy the game as much as we do once you get to try it out.

Fallschirmjagers getting into positions to take those pesky Brits out.

"Kommandant, over zer!"

Attack action feedback.

Note that this is still work in progress.

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Drum roll…

We are currently preparing for a lot of stuff. Besides Christmas which is a hassle with most of us in the team having to get away from this island where we are working to visit near and dear back home, we are currently working on a new commercial website, which together with a press release from our publisher will make the game's new title official (research or wait for official announcement). This besides actually working on our game, which by the way is getting very close to have all parts in the right places now. During the spring we will hopefully only have game testing left to do, which should not be underestimated, so make sure everything works, is fun and is balanced. It will probably have us up early each morning and late each night until we finally get our release version done.

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Let the liberation begin!

Since we decided last week to finally include a campaign in CoW, we have now started to develop this campaign. It will take place in Italy, since the Italian campaign has been the base of the setting ever since we made CoW a WWII era game. There will be two different campaign available in the original release (is what we are planning), both about breaking the German fortified Winter line. In one you play as a division of the US 5th Army, and in the other as the British 8th. Which division you play as will not be determined as you can create your own division to play with, allowing you to create your favourite original division or create  your own one. Some of the most known divisions will be pre-made and available. Campaigns will include missions such as the landings in Anzio and the assaults on Monte Cassino and more.

Italian Costline

Enjoy. A very first version of an Italian coastal assault map ;P

/Rasmus Davidsson

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This way. No this way.

We made a big decision this week, where we had to chose between two options.

We recently signed a contract with a publisher. With who is to be released later on. Anyway, this gave us some more time to work on the project, so we decided to add some new features to the game, and there are some things we want to add. We could all agree that there was 3 different things we wanted to add most of all;

1. A campaign
2. Tanks!
3. Making it possible to enter buildings

Which of those things to add? A campaign would be a great way to introduce players to the game system. Tanks would add a new level to the gameplay AND they are awsome. Making it possible to enter buildings is... something one could almost demand from a combat game of today's standard. But we finally, after several long discussions, settled for two of these options; campaign and buildings. As recently mentioned, the campaign would be a great introduction for players to the game, but also offer a piece of narrative, which many players like. The campaign wont be very complex. A set off different scenarios which the player has to fight its way through, getting to chose from new squads to be able to deploy during the process. Making it possible to enter buildings is not only something that players expect, it would also make the maps more interesting and some make some weapons filling its purpose better (like grenades and rocket weapons).

That tanks didn't make it into the game is a little sad. But on the other hand, it would make it a whole other game. Currently the game is focused on skirmish tactics, and tanks would shake the balance quite a bit (much), as they cannot be damaged by all weapons. We did not want to try to add them by force into the game system, making them not fit in in the concept where all squads should be able to beat any other squad if used correctly, we do not which a rock-scissor-paper system through force building, but through tactics. If we are to add tanks, we want to do it with finesse, really work it through designwise. It is not unlikely though that if Cause of War goes well, that we'll release an expansion pack with tanks. Time will tell.


We've worked out a new logo for CoW, a one that has a more WWII feel then the previous one (which we made while CoW was a sci-fi game and then just changed the colours on). Feel free to download and use as desktop background ^^

We also have changed skin on our forum ( or link in top menu), making it fit our game much more. We're planning to next week get some changes around there to make it more habitable, and after that we would love some more activity there!

Take care everyone, and check in for new reports soon (I'm planning to post news here more often from now on)

/Rasmus Davidsson, Game Designer ZEAL

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We are moving on!

The development of Cause of War is moving on.
We are getting closer to the release of the game and the spirit is still well.
So for you people that are still keeping and Eye on the our progress here are some new pictures!

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Back on track

The fellowship has assembled. Summer is over.

We've been working now for some weeks with increasing number of work hours each week. Next week we're back on full time.

We're currently working on making the level editor easier to use, maybe easy enough to provide it along with the game. Anyway it's increasing our level design efficiency so that we'll be able so design a bunch of maps to test. Those that are fun enough to play will be included in the game. Currently a train station is taking form and is up for game testing.

Programmers works on a bunch of other things too. Like AI and fixes to our new GUI.

Graphics team is currently making some pretty rocks and a train.

Design team is assisting game testing as well as working on future projects (still secret ;P).

All this while our dear producer is on PAX in NY having fun.

Well. We just wanted to make sure the team is still alive and we're working as much as we can to get this game done in hopefully 6 months. Take care all and thanks for stopping by every now and then!

/Rasmus Davidsson (Laxen)
Game Designer

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GuI re design!

So after some hard work the mockupp for the new GuI design is soon finished!

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Gameplay Photage

Hello everyone!
I thought we were a little thin on photage from Cause Of War so I recorded a part from my last skirmishgame, enjoy and stay tuned for more in the near future.

 // Ted Lindström - Zeal Lead Programmer

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