Cause of War


Team Assault announced and rock, paper shotgun review!

Yep. Cause of War has gotten its name changed. It's now Team Assault: Baptism of Fire.

Slitherine, our publisher, had a pretty event in Italy, where Team Assault was announced and some other interesting games were shown. Along with the name change, a commercial web page (with a new trailer!) has been put up at

At the event was rock, paper shotgun who published a neat review of the game. Enjoy!

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This week is GAMEX at Kistamässan in Stockholm. We are going there to exhibit CoW.

For those who's not from Sweden (and for many of us in Sweden too) GAMEX is new game expo where a lot of game developers will come to exhibit their game's, including the big guys such as blizzard, EA and Ubsisoft, but also the neater developers such as... us (and more)! We do not know much about exactly where we will be standing etc, but if you find yourself in the vicinity of our capitol, please step by and look for us. More information is found here: (web page in Swedish, the English translation does not work for the gamex-page... also, there are other forums displaying the information about the expo much better, so feel free to google it if you want more information instead of visiting the link... geez).

Well, take care everyone! I'll report back when I'm back from Stockholm. Maybe during my visit there, but no promises.

/Rasmus D

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Images from Gotland Game Awards 2010


We went to Gotland Game Awards 2010 to show off our game, it was fun! We got some great response and made a couple of important connections. Here is some pictures from the event!  // Ted Lindström - Zeal Lead Programmer

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At the Nordic Game Conference

Three happy agents of awesome recently got back from this year's Nordic Game Conference in Malmö.  Me, Emma, concept and 2d artist here in Zeal, the grand producer Robin and Sebastian, faithful henchman and knower of all things worth knowing.  We arrived on tuesday evening with our proverbial cups empty of expectation, and when we left Sweden's southern capital, I'm sure it is safe to say they were all filled up to the brim.

This year's conference had a lot of focus on the independent studios of the industry, with highlights like Limbo, Trials HD, Youropa and many more. You would not believe how many great games are in development as you're reading this. However, I could not help but notice, the strategy games were sparse.  The lack of these kinds of games has become more or less something to expect nowadays. Sad for strategy gamers, but not for Zeal... long, I mean, not for long.

Nordic Game Conference

That's us!

To be honest I can't wait to see how Cause of War will make it when we finally get it ready for the big world, outside our snug little island office of a womb. Will players find it, and if so, will they like it? Will the game be as awesome as in Rasmus' (mr. lead designer) wet dreams? Will the graphics live up to my (all too high) expectations? Will my overworked wrists make it all the way to the end?