Cause of War


Broadened arsenal

We have now decided to add an additional bunch of weapons. Some of them will not have a huge impact to the gameplay, as they will be only changed by graphics and slightly modified from currently existing weapons in terms of stats. Other weapons, such as rifle grenades will make a huge difference to the game, allowing players to take out enemy fortified positions from afar and even from behind obstacles, like grenades but with extended range. Shotguns will be added too, since those will add a new element of close range combat. Die to their rarity, especially among axis troops, we decided to not include them earlier. However, we changed our minds as we have found out that shotguns is something that people will want in the game.

M1 Carbine
Carcano Modello 91

M30 Luftwaffe Drilling
Winchester Model 1912

Pistol/revolver variants:
Beretta M1934
Enfield Revolver No.2 Mk.I

Maschinengewehr 34
Vickers machine gun

Rifle grenades:
M1 Garand/M7 Grenade launcher

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