Cause of War


Back on track

The fellowship has assembled. Summer is over.

We've been working now for some weeks with increasing number of work hours each week. Next week we're back on full time.

We're currently working on making the level editor easier to use, maybe easy enough to provide it along with the game. Anyway it's increasing our level design efficiency so that we'll be able so design a bunch of maps to test. Those that are fun enough to play will be included in the game. Currently a train station is taking form and is up for game testing.

Programmers works on a bunch of other things too. Like AI and fixes to our new GUI.

Graphics team is currently making some pretty rocks and a train.

Design team is assisting game testing as well as working on future projects (still secret ;P).

All this while our dear producer is on PAX in NY having fun.

Well. We just wanted to make sure the team is still alive and we're working as much as we can to get this game done in hopefully 6 months. Take care all and thanks for stopping by every now and then!

/Rasmus Davidsson (Laxen)
Game Designer

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