Cause of War

About ZEAL

This all started some two years ago, a group of students making a game as a school project. This is quite some time ago now, and since then we have come a long way and developed as a team.

We all hail from Gotland University, where we all study the different aspects of game creation; game programming, computer graphics and game design. During our time here we have forged a solid group of ambitious and passionate individuals. We are the foundation of Zeal Game Studio, and we aim to be a successful game studio. We aim to make good and well tough-out games, with both heart and mind. This is our passion, our zeal.

A day at our office.

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  1. Oh.. Hard working boys.. I love the look of it! ^^

  2. can i come work with you?!!? can i can i!?

  3. Hello
    If you need some original music, I can create what you want. Please visit my website and contact me by e-mail.

  4. good work. keep on, i think you guys are going to make great work

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